24 April 2017

Semi Permanent Lashes FAQ's

Q. What's the difference between Classic lash extensions and Russian Volume extensions?

Classic Lash extensions is the art of delicately applying one single eyelash extension to one isolated and healthy natural lash.

The Russian Volume technique follows the same skillful method, in which you are safely applying super fine and  lightweight extensions on every healthy natural lash, ranging from 2-6 synthetic extensions per natural eyelash.
As the extensions are lighter on the natural lashes, clients can go longer in between in-fills before needing a top up.

Q. How long does the application take?

Your eyelash extension treatment is a relaxing process, the perfect time for you to close your eyes and take a nap.
The treatment takes an average of  2 - 2.30 hours for a full set.
Extension infills are around 60-75 minutes.

Q. How long do they last?

With correct aftercare, your lash extensions will last on average 4-5 weeks. To ensure your lash extensions are looking their best, infills are recommended every 3 weeks, as during your natural eyelash cycle, you will lose approx. 3 lashes per day.

Q. How do I look after my lashes once they're on?

Once your semi-permanent eyelash extensions are on, they are very low-maintenance and don't require any additional  upkeep other than your 2/3 weekly infills. Below are a few tips to ensure you get the best wear out of your lashes.

  • Ensure your lashes do not come into contact with water for the first 48 hours after your Volume treatment, to allow the adhesive to cure.
  • Avoid steam, sauna, and swimming for 48 hours after treatment – remember this includes heat from an oven and steam from the kettle
  • Do not use any mascara as this will cause the fans to close and may impede the maintenance of the treatment
  • Try not to use liquid eyeliners, as these can affect the lashes
  • Use only oil-free make up remover.
  • Be mindful how you sleep at night as sleeping face down may reduce the longevity and change the appearance of the lashes
  • Do not use lash curlers as this will cause your lashes to break
  • Try not to rub or stroke your lashes, as this will transfer oil and bacteria onto them
  • Take care when cleansing, moisturising and applying make-up that you don’t manipulate your lashes into different positions as this may cause them to loosen or fall off
  • Volume lashes are a fan application method which is created using extra fine lash extensions, therefore, we do not recommend clients use any lash coating sealants or conditioning serums, as this will encourage the fans to close and stick together
  • Brush your lashes daily to help the fans to look their best using a disposable mascara wand
  • We recommend that clients wash their lashes regularly at least 2-3 times per week (daily if you wear eye make up).
(information sourced from www.https://nouveaulashes.com/eyelash-treatment-aftercare.)
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