28 July 2016

Carli Bybel BH Cosmetics Palette Review

Hi loves!
I ordered the Carli Palette the day it launched on the BH Cosmetics website, I'm all for supporting YouTube Gurus! Having never ordered anything from BH before I was curious of the quality. As  I live in the UK, I did have to pay more than usual for shipping, but it was a LOT less than ordering from the US Make Up Geek website or Morphe Brushes!

The palette took quite a while to arrive due to shipping delays (which I expected), but once it arrived I fell in love. It retails at $12.50 in the US, and converted into pounds I got it for £8.59 (ish).
The first thing I noticed was the cute white packaging, including a mirror which is a bonus. It feels a little flimsy as its made out of cardboard,  but I haven't had any longevity issues with it yet.

There are 10 gorgeous eyeshadow shades, both matte and shimmery, complimented by 4 shimmery highlight shades, perfect for tops of the cheekbones, brow bone, inner corners of the eyes and tip of the nose. One thing I could have benefitted from in the palette was a light brown shade. All the matte shades have a mauve/purple tone.
I have brown eyes and unfortunately mauve doesn't always look too good on me.

The pigment of the shades are absolutely gorgeous. The shimmers especially are so buttery and easy to apply. I apply the shimmery shades to my lid using my finger as this way definitely gets the best colour pay off.

On days I'm not wearing any false tan, I love to use the palest highlight shade (furthest to the left). As it has a slight pinky undertone to it, it really compliments my fair skin. When I'm having a tan day I use the one next to it mixed with he 3rd one on the bottom to create a soft sheer wash of bronze.

Overall, for the price of £8.59 in the UK (depending on exchange rates), it is amazing value and quality! If you like buttery shimmery shades and neutral/mauve shadows, this palette is definitley for you. Grab it while you can, as i'm sure it's bound to sell out again really soon!

No this post is NOT sponsored and I bought it myself! 

Molly xo

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