2 February 2016

January MAC Haul & Morphe 35O Palette | mollysbeautylife

Every 5-6 months I do a huge bulk make up order of everything for my kit, foundations, concealers, powders lashes lipsticks etc etc, but Nearly every month I do a Top Up Order for my Make Up Kit, mainly to top up things i'm running low on, or sometimes I like to try new products. At the moment i'm OBSESSED with the Morphe Brushes 35O Palette, full of warm shades. I'll put a picture in below! Also I can't live without the Make Up Geek eyeshadows, what's great is they're now sold from the UK, yay!

Fortunately I get the MAC Artist discount which helps ALOT when i'm doing a bulk order. 

This month I was feeling full coverage products to cover up the winter blues!

Studio fix powders in NC15, NC25, & NC35. I'd never tried these powders before but oh my gaddddd they are amazing! Super full coverage but absolutely not dry on the skin. These have a completely different texture to a setting powder, these are much softer, easier to blend and amazing coverage. I use these over liquid foundation for that extra flawless look.
Studio fix fluid in NC20 & NC30. Favourite MAC Foundations of. all. time. These have a satin-matte finish and if you have dry skin like me sometimes I don't need to add a powder on top.
Prolongwear Concealers in NC20 & NC30. Personal favourite MAC Concealers. Medium-full coverage and definitely build able. Only Con is the glass bottle packaging, it breaks super easy :(!
Sculpting powder in 'Shadester'. I watched Jaclyn Hills Favourites video and she mentioned this sculpting powder. It's definitley more on the warm side so not for us fair skinned girls but looks amazing on tanned skin.
Lipstick in 'Creme de nude'
Mineralise skin finish 'Dark Golden'. I have the MSF's in Dark, Dark Tan & Give Me Sun, but I saw the Dark Golden a lot on social media recently so wanted to give it a try! So far, I like it best out of all of them!

Morphe Brushes 35O Palette!! It retails on their website for $22.99 I believe, thats £15.95 in pounds, an UNBELIEVABLE price for such beautiful shadows! (I also used the JACATTACK code for 10% off). Sooo happy I finally got my hands on this! The other palette I have from Morphe is the Jaclyn Hill Favourites palette which holds 28 shades, the 35O holds 35. It wasn't until I compared the palettes side by side I realised the 35O is a much sturdier and chunkier palette, slightly heavier and feels marginally better quality.

I've bought quite a lot of the Morphe single eyeshadows after I purchased the JH palette and yeah, they were 'OK', nothing astonishing. After I received this 35O palette I am blown away! The quality feels very different... i'm not too sure if all of the shadows come as singles but it would be interesting to know the difference in quality. 

It been restocked quite a few times due to it selling out so definitely sign up for the newsletter to get an email as soon as it restocks. If you like warm eyeshadows, all in one palette for a great price - this is for you.

Hope everyone has a fabulous February!

Molly xo

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