29 June 2015

The contour edition • | mollysbeautylife

Whether it's creams, powders, kits or palettes, the Contour craze is still very much around and in full force, and I myself am on the bandwagon!

If you like your makeup natural and light, or heavy and dramatic, there are definitely contour products out there for every skin tone and makeup desire - I know this as being a make up artist, I have to adhere to every clients wishes.


A few of my favourite contour kits and products are pictured below, which I absolutely adore!

Left: Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit (Light) (£39) and Right: RCMA Foundation Palette (£55)

Pictured below Left to Right - RCMA Foundation Palette (£55), MAC Pressed Powder 'Deep Dark' (£23ish), Anastasia Beverley Hills Cream Contour Kit Light (£39), Anastasia Beverley Hills Original Contour Kit (£39), Elf Cosmetics Contour Kit 'St Lucia' (£3.95), and NARS 'Irresistblement' Bronzing Powder (£27.50)

Powder Contour Kit PRO'S
  • Easy to travel with (no melting)
  • Fast and easy to apply, takes only a few minutes to blend into the skin
  • Lots of shimmery, matte shades to choose from starting in the Drugstore.

Cream Contour Kit PRO'S
  • More coverage than powder 
  • Easy to blend over cream or liquid foundation
  • Looks more natural as it blends into the skin rather than sits on top

What are your favourite Contour Kits? Any from the Drugstore? Comment below and let me know!

Molly xox

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