22 May 2015

Latest YouTube Video! Soft Sultry Brown Eyeshadow Tutorial • |MOLLYSBEAUTYLIFE

Hello all my lovely readers!

So, I've got a brand new YouTube video! yay! I wish I could do more and post more, but working throughout the week and weekends really takes up a lot of my time.

If only everyone knew just how much work and time goes into a YouTube video!
From new lights, to a new camera and new laptop, (OH AND THE EDITING, HOW DO PEOPLE DO IT?!?!) it's a pricey thing to do, but as I've wanted to do it since the age of 14(ish), I thought now is a better time than ever to start.

When doing the makeup look, I realised it turned out more of a 'mauvey' colour than brown, ah well, trial and error I suppose!
I'm all for supporting each other because I know times are hard! Leave your Channel link & blog details down below and I'll take a look and subscribe :) 

Molly xox

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