7 February 2015

YouTube Channel | Under Construction! ♥

Hello again !

I'm sat up writing this at 1:39am, i'm almost too tired to sleep! Lol, is that even possible? (plus, Family guy on the TV is very distracting at this time of night)

Anywho, I've been wanting to create a YouTube channel for years and years, after being inspired by so many amazing bloggers and make up artists. However, there was always something holding me back. Lack of confidence was the main factor, but also thinking "what if people don't like me?!" "what if people think I'm a loony" ... maybe not those exact words but -  you catch my drift.

Just before Christmas, I started my make up Instagram which I've been loving to see peoples work and share my own, but I didn't want it to just stop there. So over Christmas and the new year, I really invested a lot of money into a good quality camera (Canon 700D), and most importantly my absolute favourite laptop, the MacBook Air. It definitely takes some getting used to as I've been a Windows PC gal for the past 10 years! 

After thinking and thinking about it for years, I've finally decided to take the plunge and start creating my YouTube channel. For one, I'm not a photo/film editor so it's definitely going to be tricky at first to get good quality videos up, but there's never been a better time than the present to start!

I'm looking forward to sharing all of my favourite beauty and make up moments with you all, including filming clients' makeup, daily make up routine, monthly favourites and all that good stuff. 
If anyone has any suggestions for my first video, please leave it down below! It's finally time to bite the bullet!

Hope you all enjoy! Leave me your YouTube links below and i'll be sure to subscribe ♥

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