23 February 2015

New Holy Grail Eyeliner, better than MAC?! • | mollysbeautylife

So for a long time I've always thought that MAC Cosmetics' 'Black Track' liner was the bees knees.
It wasn't until last night whilst training on a makeup course I discovered the  most amazing, jet black gel liner EVER.

Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to Maybellines Gel Liner, if you haven't met already. 

(Image from www.maybelline.com) 

 MAC Vs Maybelline 

• The formula - actually feels like a gel and not a dry grey looking paste 
• It's pigment, super jet black and creamy 
• It's moveable, blend able and buildable 
• The PRICE £7.99
• Cute little glass pot like the mac products

 • This could be classed as a pro as it's long wearing- but it took me quite a while of scrubbing to get it off my eyes.
• I think there's slightly less product in the jar than MAC's , so you may use it up quicker, but for the price who the hecks complaining ?! 

If you're in need of a new liner , try the Maybelline gel liner. It's the perfect addition to anyone's makeup bag or kit. They also do a brown liner too which is perfect for people who find black too harsh. I even use it as a shadow base for deeper coloured shadows! 

(Image from www.debenhams.com)
(Image from www.cultbeauty.co.uk)

For the best application for a precise line i recommend MAC's 266 brush or Anastasia Beverly Hills angled brush (AMAZING

What are your favourite liners? I'm in need of a new white one! Let me know ❤️ 

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