4 February 2015

My QUICK Go-To Eye Makeup ♥ | mollysbeautylife

I think its time for a new Blog post!
I'm dedicating this one to the frequent eye make up look I keep going for when Im not quite sure what to do & I don't have a lot of time.

Below is a step by step guide on how I create my very quick and easy go-to eye make up look using all Morphe shadows from Jaclyn Hills palette. By the way - isn't it amazing? It seems like Ive waited for an eternity for it to arrive from the US, but Im so blown away by the pigment! Anywho, i'll go into the full details on a whooole other post. Stay tuned!

For this look, I used only the lightest orange shade from the palette, the darkest matte brown & a little bit of the top left shimmer on my lid. IT - IS - AMAZING. Literally every warm matte and shimmery eyeshadow you will ever need in life in one palette, and the price is unbelievable. Thumbs up Morphe!

I've marked the colours on the picture below of the ones I used. Just look at those colours. They call to me!


1) Start of with a bare eyelid! Then add on your favourite primer, (mine's MAC's Soft Ocre Paintpot)

2) I applied the orangey shade with a large fluffy brush into my upper crease area. As I have slightly hooded lids, I have to bring my shadow up higher.

3) Next, I applied the matte brown shadow into my crease & outter corner with a small tapered brush from Morphe.

4) I then applied MAC's Backtrack gel liner onto my top lid using a pointed liner brush.

5) Using the same liner, I blended it onto my water line and blended it together with the orangey shades on my bottom lash line.

5 1/2) Blend everything out together with a fluffy brush for the seamless edges

6) To finish off, I patted on MAC's Vanilla pigment onto the brow bone and inner corner to brighten up my eyes. After adding some mascara, I added on my favourite lashes of the moment, the Eyelure #140's.

And that  - is it! Not a lot of shadows, not a lot of work and all pulled together with either your favourite mascara or false lashes. There's something about orangey warm shadows, I instantly gravitate towards them. If you're the same, please leave some shadow suggestions below!

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Hope you like it! 


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