26 February 2015

MAC Haul, & a few Elf goodies! • | mollysbeautylife

So.. recently I finally got my MAC Pro Membership card, and it only meant one thing - shopping!
I love the feeling of opening deliveries, it's like Christmas Day for us make up addicts.

My make up kit is quite large already, however I wanted to top up on a few things that I needed so I can cater for all clients' skin tones and types.

  • First thing I bought was 6 Studio Fix Fluid Foundations, in all different colours I think I got NC35, NC43.5, NC 45.5, NC50, NC58, & NC40. As a pale gail myself I have plenty of fair foundations, but I wanted to get some nice tan & darker colours. I absolutely love the studio fix fluid foundations, they're great for full coverage and really easy to apply.
  • Next I got 3 Lipsticks, Fleshpot (pink nude), Lady Danger (Coral Red) and Heroine (Bright Purple). They - are - amazing. I can't wait to wear Lady Danger when I'm on holiday! It's such a beauuutiful colour! Swatches below!
  • Fix + (travel size) - Ive tried many make up setting sprays but this one just does it for me. The smell, the consistency & sheer lightness to the mist spray is gorgeous, keeps your make up on all day!

  • Mineralise Skin Finish (Natural) in Dark. I have lotsss of these skin finishes including Soft & Gentle, Dark Tan, & Give Me Sun, however this shade 'Dark' has more of a bronze finish than the orangey shade of the others.
  • I picked up the Pro Product 'Mixing Medium Eyeliner', which is a gel type liquid which I think you can use as a glitter eyeshadow base & you can use it to turn eyeshadows into eyeliners.
  • Another Pro product I got was the shaping & sculpting powder in 'Emphasise'. It's a white/vanilla powder product that comes in single pans for the palettes. MAC also do the contour shades which I will be getting my hands on next time!

Left to right - Lady Danger, Heroine, Fleshpot.

Please let me know what MAC products you love and which you don't,  I would love to have a read through the comments! 

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See you all in my next post <3

Molly xo 


New MAC Lippys! • | mollysbeautylife

Who can resist the look of these beautiful lipsticks?!

Im such a sucker for bright & nude lipsticks, and after recently getting my MAC Pro card, I took to online shopping at my favourite make up company ♥️

I got Fleshpot (pale nude), Lady Danger (bright coral red) & Heroine (bright purple) . I'm loving the bright colours for this summer! (Wishful thinking

I mean, how amazing ?!  The purple & red might not suit me the best as I'm super pale, but il definatley give them a go.


Left to right - Lady Danger, Heroine & Fleshpot 

 My favourite finish from the lipsticks are definatley Matte. As the matte lipsticks are soo pigmented , you need less product. However the satin finishes are just a nice wash of colour, still quite pigmented but more moisturising.

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks ? I can never get enough! Please let me know in the comments ♥️

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23 February 2015

Wearable Soft Glitter - My FIRST YouTube Video! ♥ | mollysbeautylife

FINALLY I can share with all of you my first YouTube video!
I know it's not perfect and probably never will be - I'm not a film maker / editor, simply a beauty obsessed make up artist who wants to share my creations with you :)

I wanted to do this look as I know it's hard to incorporate glitter into your makeup without it looking too over-the-top or dramatic. If you like a pop of sparkle and wearable makeup, then this video is for you!

If you would like a full list of products used, please let me know and comment down below!
Also, what would YOU like to see on my channel? 
Make up tutorials, reviews, talk throughs? Please let me know, any feedback is appreciated <3

Check out my channel, like & subscribe I will be forever grateful! 
Link your channels down below and I will do the same.

Thanks for watching <3
Molly xo

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New Holy Grail Eyeliner, better than MAC?! • | mollysbeautylife

So for a long time I've always thought that MAC Cosmetics' 'Black Track' liner was the bees knees.
It wasn't until last night whilst training on a makeup course I discovered the  most amazing, jet black gel liner EVER.

Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to Maybellines Gel Liner, if you haven't met already. 

(Image from www.maybelline.com) 

 MAC Vs Maybelline 

• The formula - actually feels like a gel and not a dry grey looking paste 
• It's pigment, super jet black and creamy 
• It's moveable, blend able and buildable 
• The PRICE £7.99
• Cute little glass pot like the mac products

 • This could be classed as a pro as it's long wearing- but it took me quite a while of scrubbing to get it off my eyes.
• I think there's slightly less product in the jar than MAC's , so you may use it up quicker, but for the price who the hecks complaining ?! 

If you're in need of a new liner , try the Maybelline gel liner. It's the perfect addition to anyone's makeup bag or kit. They also do a brown liner too which is perfect for people who find black too harsh. I even use it as a shadow base for deeper coloured shadows! 

(Image from www.debenhams.com)
(Image from www.cultbeauty.co.uk)

For the best application for a precise line i recommend MAC's 266 brush or Anastasia Beverly Hills angled brush (AMAZING

What are your favourite liners? I'm in need of a new white one! Let me know ❤️ 

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7 February 2015

YouTube Channel | Under Construction! ♥

Hello again !

I'm sat up writing this at 1:39am, i'm almost too tired to sleep! Lol, is that even possible? (plus, Family guy on the TV is very distracting at this time of night)

Anywho, I've been wanting to create a YouTube channel for years and years, after being inspired by so many amazing bloggers and make up artists. However, there was always something holding me back. Lack of confidence was the main factor, but also thinking "what if people don't like me?!" "what if people think I'm a loony" ... maybe not those exact words but -  you catch my drift.

Just before Christmas, I started my make up Instagram which I've been loving to see peoples work and share my own, but I didn't want it to just stop there. So over Christmas and the new year, I really invested a lot of money into a good quality camera (Canon 700D), and most importantly my absolute favourite laptop, the MacBook Air. It definitely takes some getting used to as I've been a Windows PC gal for the past 10 years! 

After thinking and thinking about it for years, I've finally decided to take the plunge and start creating my YouTube channel. For one, I'm not a photo/film editor so it's definitely going to be tricky at first to get good quality videos up, but there's never been a better time than the present to start!

I'm looking forward to sharing all of my favourite beauty and make up moments with you all, including filming clients' makeup, daily make up routine, monthly favourites and all that good stuff. 
If anyone has any suggestions for my first video, please leave it down below! It's finally time to bite the bullet!

Hope you all enjoy! Leave me your YouTube links below and i'll be sure to subscribe ♥

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4 February 2015

My QUICK Go-To Eye Makeup ♥ | mollysbeautylife

I think its time for a new Blog post!
I'm dedicating this one to the frequent eye make up look I keep going for when Im not quite sure what to do & I don't have a lot of time.

Below is a step by step guide on how I create my very quick and easy go-to eye make up look using all Morphe shadows from Jaclyn Hills palette. By the way - isn't it amazing? It seems like Ive waited for an eternity for it to arrive from the US, but Im so blown away by the pigment! Anywho, i'll go into the full details on a whooole other post. Stay tuned!

For this look, I used only the lightest orange shade from the palette, the darkest matte brown & a little bit of the top left shimmer on my lid. IT - IS - AMAZING. Literally every warm matte and shimmery eyeshadow you will ever need in life in one palette, and the price is unbelievable. Thumbs up Morphe!

I've marked the colours on the picture below of the ones I used. Just look at those colours. They call to me!


1) Start of with a bare eyelid! Then add on your favourite primer, (mine's MAC's Soft Ocre Paintpot)

2) I applied the orangey shade with a large fluffy brush into my upper crease area. As I have slightly hooded lids, I have to bring my shadow up higher.

3) Next, I applied the matte brown shadow into my crease & outter corner with a small tapered brush from Morphe.

4) I then applied MAC's Backtrack gel liner onto my top lid using a pointed liner brush.

5) Using the same liner, I blended it onto my water line and blended it together with the orangey shades on my bottom lash line.

5 1/2) Blend everything out together with a fluffy brush for the seamless edges

6) To finish off, I patted on MAC's Vanilla pigment onto the brow bone and inner corner to brighten up my eyes. After adding some mascara, I added on my favourite lashes of the moment, the Eyelure #140's.

And that  - is it! Not a lot of shadows, not a lot of work and all pulled together with either your favourite mascara or false lashes. There's something about orangey warm shadows, I instantly gravitate towards them. If you're the same, please leave some shadow suggestions below!

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Hope you like it! 


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