25 January 2015

Review ♥ NARS Creamy Concealer

Swatch & Review of the Day! - NARS Creamy Concealer

Hello to all the lovely readers out there,
I hope you're having a lovely lazy Sunday. As it's quite the 'talked about' product at the moment plastered over social media, I thought I'd do a quick & honest review for you on the NARS creamy concealer.

Random post, but I was looking through my pictures and discovered this from a few weeks ago. 
When buying NARS creamy concealer I always wondered what colour would suit me as it's usually the palest shade in any makeup brand  (hence my almost white skin!)

Swatch - NARS creamy concealer in 'Chantilly' (palest shade) 
It's also featured in my December / January Favourites post! 

As you can see, the left side is just swatched, and the right side I blended into my skin. It's a liquid / cream concealer that dries semi-matte. If you apply it with a brush or your fingers, you will get the most coverage with more of the matte finish. However if you apply it with a damp beauty sponge, it will give you less coverage with a dewy look. It Doesn't need setting, however it's recommended it you want it to stay on all day

My review 

• It's a great full coverage
• Blends really easily, (best applied with a damp sponge)
• I use it for highlighting & brightening certain areas such as tops of the cheekbones, middle of the forehead, bridge of my nose and a little bit on my chin. 
Does not budge! I applied this before work at 7.30 and it stayed in place until I got home at 6pm. 
• Nice colour for my skin, can be used over blemishes without looking noticeable. 

• Creases quite heavily under my eyes :( 
If anyone's got any advice as how to get rid of this pleeeeease let me know!! 
Slightly pricey at £22

I also have the 'Maybelline Fit Me' concealer which retails at around £6.99, and it's safe to say, it's quite the dupe! The difference between them I've found is the Maybelline is more liquidy and a medium coverage, which needs setting with powder or it will crease,( also the shade range isn't the best, all way too dark for me)  however the NARS is a drier yet still liquid formula with a fuller coverage. 

I hope this helps anyone who's looking at purchasing the NARS concealer. It's safe to say it's a gorrrrgeous concealer, amazing shade range, full coverage, and if you're looking to spend that bit more, it really is a great investment as less is more! 



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