11 January 2015

QUICK Everyday Brow Routine | mollysbeautylife

Hello loves!

I'm trying to get the hang of the old 'Instagram videos' to show you how I do certain things with my make up routine, such as my every day brows!

I apologise for the shocking quality however I'm a novice at these things so hopefully they shall be getting better as the year goes on.

Step One

Firstly I like to outline my brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in 'Taupe'. I also have this in Medium Brown however its far too dark! I bought Taupe so I could mix the shades to match clients hair colour.
I get a small amount of product on an angled brush and trace round my brows usually from the bottom, upwards. This gives me a rough idea of what I need to fill in.

Step Two

Then I like to fill in all of my brows using the same product, then I add a darker powder by Benefit Brows A Go Go, to define the outer arch.

Step Three

Taking a flat concealer brush and my favourite concealer of the moment 'MAC Select Cover Up', I define the arch of the brow and clean everything up by patting in the concealer all underneath my brow and onto my eyelid to prime my lids for eye shadow.

Step Four

Apply a nice bright highlight to the highest point of your arch right underneath the brow to highlight the area and bring light to the eyes. It also looks beautiful and shimmery! Here I used MAC's Nylon eye shadow. Oh my lord, it is amazing. A definite buy for anyone wanting that bright highlight!

I know it's a very very quick video but I just wanted to show how I do my every day brows when I'm in a rush in the mornings! 

I will add the link below to where I got my Anastasia Beverly Hills products, and I must say, they are definatley worth the hype! Also you only need the tiniest amount to create a perfect brow.

Thanks for reading, my next post will be up shortly!
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