11 January 2015

DIY: HOW TO - Melt Your Lipsticks! ♥

Hello lovelies!

This is my first DIY Blog - On how to melt your lipsticks into an empty palette for a gorgeous addition to your make up bag, easy to carry around, and keeps them all in one place.

I've seen many pictures of perfectly packed lip palettes, full of different lip colours all in the same palette. I've always been wondering where I can get my hands on them, but unfortunately with no luck! Selfridges have just had their annual 10% sale on Beauty, so I nabbed the MAC clear empty palette, and the plastic inserts to go inside, I believe it cost £17 altogether roughly, but for the ease of having all your lipsticks in one place, who can complain!?
There are a few more variations of these empty palettes around, however I found this one to be just what I needed.

Here's a QUICK video of me melting down my lipsticks. (Be careful not to burn the lipstick in the spoon as it will affect the colour/consistency)

Before you start - sterilise your spoon and knife in boiling water to reduce bacteria build up. I then sprayed them with alcohol spray just to be sure!

Things you will need
Kitchen Roll / Baby Wipes
Empty palette

Step One

Make sure you have some kitchen roll/baby wipes on hand to clean the knife and spoon after each different lipstick.
- Cut off the whole lipstick from the base, I then cut that in half so I could re use the top of the lipstick again. Put the top of the lipstick back in the tube and mush it down slightly so you can use this again for yourself.
Take the remaining bit of lipstick and pop it into a large spoon.

Step Two

Hold the spoon over the flame but not directly on it as this will cause the lipstick to burn. When the lipstick has melted into a liquid, quickly pour it into an empty hollow in your palette. The lipstick may expand ,and cools very quickly ( my first go of doing this was horrendous!)

Step Three

Repeat this step until your palette is complete, but be sure to write down what the lipsticks are called or you may forget! (I did this, rookie error!)
Leave your palette to cool, and you're good to go!
All your lipsticks in one place, easy and really light  to carry around, and you won't lost it in the bottom of your bag.

Here are the links to the palette/inserts I bought, I will also link the other variations I was looking at :)
Hope this helps!

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What I bought:

- http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk/product/1556/22065/Products/Kit-Essentials/Pro-Palette/Pro-Palette-Customize-x24/index.tmpl

- http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk/product/1556/22060/Products/Kit-Essentials/Pro-Palette/Pro-Palette-Large-Single/index.tmpl

Other options:

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